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I Customize Each Session To Fit The Need At That Time. Each Visit That You Make Is Modified As We


 Less surgeries could possibly be had.  Lessen the need for botox, even. Muscles attach to bone & when it's tight it pulls and the tension begins a domino effect that also pulls skin causing a sagging look. One shoulder can look higher than the other. It's truly amazing how we can feel and look when the musculoskeletal system is relaxed as it should be. UNFORTUNATELY, modern medicine has become  a ridiculous level of shady business, the concern for our health is been marginalized by the concern for a fat wallet. 

Okay we have credentials, but how is the massage? Are the details paid attention to? Are things explained so you can possibly help yourself, too? If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere with professionalism, give me a call. Live and let live. Massage helps your structural alignment get set back to default. We get deep in there (probably more than your chiropractic massage) so you can eventually no longer need chiropractic adjustments. After all it's tight muscles that pull bones out of alignment. Hopefully that makes sense? Remember, everyone is different so let's treat everyone as such. :-)

 Some Of My Continuing Education  

Infectious Diseases
Laws & Ethics
Back Pain
                                  Myofascial Release                                      

Applied Kinesiology
Sports & Neuromuscular Basics
Trigger Point Therapy For Backaches Herniated Disc
                                                Sports Massage                                            

Deep Tissue