As of APRIL 1st 2018 I will have a so much easier location!!! ♥♥♥ 

Who doesn’t go down 95? Ives Dairy is also a well traveled road. I’m happy that I can finally give you the location

that is so accessible. This is a BUSINESS center, The Offices At California Club Business Center, located barely half of a mile west of 95

Doors are locked 24/7 so you will need to CALL, NO WALK INS. This center holds Attorneys, Dentists Insurance and the like.

A very quiet, upscale, PROFESSIONAL & CLEAN building/restrooms, easy entry/exit to the FREE easy parking.

1031 IVES DAIRY RD #228 ( inside is my office 217 but do not use that if ever mailing me, must call, doors are locked) MIAMI, FL 33179

The office is smaller, yes, but its a trade off for the location, an awesome trade off  😎