OWN YOUR OWN TABLE? OUT CALL My days of carrying a table from car to home around town are over. BUT if you have your own table, I can come if you are within my areas of service. $50 deposit required & is the fee for outcall.  Payments can be made on the right side of any page.  VALET is covered by you.  Parking on the street?  You need to figure this out for me to come there.  I do not use my credit card for parking.  You must come out to pay parking machines etc.  I’m coming to you for you, please, have parking figured out when you book me.  Thanks luv!

  • WEEKENDS – $50 Fee/Dep increases to $80 (if I’m on call 7 days a week, I gotta add a bit more)
  • Helps if you own your own table

Habla muy muy poquito Espanol. Por una cita, llama me con el tiempo y un dia, how tiempo- por un ahora o noventa minutos.

LIVE IN MY GOLF COMMUNITY? – only $10 for me to come to you, with my table