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Finally, A Therapist Who Leaves You Not Wanting To Get Off Of The Table


When In Session I Do Not Answer The Phone

My Pearly White, Stained Brown & Black Washcloths Ask You To Please CLEAN UP Before You Come In

Leave a message, I DO return calls
I begin answering the phone at 830 am

HOURS; Mon to Thu 11 am to 8 pm – I treat this as my career.

Tired of: walking into a dirty place where you are scared to set your clothes down? No paper towels/Soap to even dry your hands? So, do they wash their hands? Do they wash theirs between clients? Dirty restrooms? Just getting a lotion rubdown and no relief? Tired of Feeling like you just wasted your money? It might be cheap but, then, your massage will be ‘cheap’. ….. should I go on? You go to a massage place, the therapists are running around, behind on time, because they are expected to turn over the room in 15 minutes while they try to squeeze in the restroom or snack, did they have a chance to wipe averything down?


BOOK ME just once, and you will see that I do give a ridiculously awesome massage. I hear this everyday & I love it. I am not vain or have an ego, I am just confident since I’ve been doing this since 2001. I work for myself and make a nice living at it. This can only happen if one is professional while having great hands.

     You will feel it in my hands immediately. Many feel that a massage must have deep painful pressure in order to be effective. I am happy to prove that wrong. Many are happy that I have been able to do so. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when both pain and pressure are needed. I ask you if it’s ok and that’s what you want today. I do not force it on you.

     Your session begins as you walk through the door. You immediately have a ‘feeling’ about a place as you enter. Relaxation, comfort and good vibes, odds are toppled on one side, this is how you will feel. I may have a more direct way of saying things, but aren’t you tired of being mislead? Reading but getting no real information?


     I’m a mature woman (1963), Why not come to a place where hands are very skilled & knowing. I have the caring hands as a mother. I was given an extra dose of being a nurturer.  I also bring a medical background to the table. Military schools taught me how to be a Field Medic (aka Paramedic), a Dental Assistant (13 years) as well as being a Surgical Asst. Mom skills + medical training = One damn good Massage Therapist. I became Nationally Certified right out of school. I graduated with academic honors. I just genuinely care and it shows.

Yes, my PHOTOS ARE CURRENT, my license requires this. I am professional. I will be there when you show for your appointment ready and focused, even when you are the 1st one of the day

      Want a ‘spa’ feel without paying the ‘spa’ cash? When you’re done with the poor excuses for a massage, when you are ready for ***** (5) star service, call me & reserve your table! Ladies, you have the option of no cumbersome blankets and sheets to interrupt the rhythm and flow of my strokes. Only $5 allows you to experience the next level with your session. Seems like only a 40 minute session and 20 on coverage. As I ask the Gents, I also ask my ladies, please, be kind and freshen up particular areas. When I can breathe well, it makes your massage oh- so- much better (happy face). Oh, Gents, you have not been forgotten, you have your draping options as well. Apologies, yes, it seems that this must be said.

     Habla muy muy poquito Espanol. Por una cita, llama me con el tiempo y un dia por un ahora o noventa minutos.

     BENEFITSSTRESS REDUCTION research suggests a very literal reduction of cortisol, a major stress hormone. When STRESS interrupts your tasks or functions, it’s past time to come in and unwind / I do have a couple of techniques to help with HERNIATED DISCS, not claiming to cure, just help. / WHIPLASH / MIGRAINES the sooner you come in the better the results / HEADACHES / SINUS PRESSURE / LOW BACK PAIN / helps to boost IMMUNE FUNCTION helping to create white blood cells and lymphocytes / TIGHT QUADS / FLEXIBILITY / TMJ sore in the jaw joint from clenching, grinding …. also if you hear your jaw click, it might be TMJ /

Immediate relaxing feeling

DEPRESSION / MUSCLE SPASMS / BOXERS get hit in the head as a routine, come and get some relief & same with MIXED MARTIAL ARTS / TRIGGER POINT knots that I can attack / STRIPPING muscle fibers that are painful, stuck together restricting your range of motion / help soften and sometimes remove SCARS. scars of abdominal surgery can cause back pain / some relief for OSTEOARTHRITIS / PLANTAR FASCIITIS something that I have had so I definitely know how to help you / TINNITUS possible relief / FATIGUE / ANXIETY / VERTIGOGLUTES have butt implant pain? Runners, cyclists, soccer / INSOMNIA / PRENATAL / IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW / post CANCER TREATMENT / STRESS & RELAXATION  / Feel a pinch in your back? Neck? Massage helps to loosen the muscles of the spine to help the VERTEBRAE to go back into place / CONSTIPATION  …..

PROFESSIONALISM For Professionals! Large, clean office, fresh smelling linen, softest table and headrest and one of thee best massages you’ll ever get

Disclaimer :    PLEASE, DO SOME RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF TO MAKE YOUR OWN OPINION – NO cure is represented here, massage tends to aid. #happiness     Amazing therapy and the relaxation that you seek. Get the true therapy, when needed. I’m a mature woman of 53 years (1963), I will be there way before your appointment.

License MA73949

Privacy is always kept! Yes, even when the Mr & Mrs both are clients. I am unable to even confirm if a person is / is not a client, per HIPPA privacy.