I have just the thing!! Used it on myself 1st just to make sure.

Physical Therapists use this a lot. This tool does not hurt. It really feels good. I had pain from my butt to my knee during rehab. As expected, scar tissue & knots plagued my butt. I went to see the PT for this and she used this tool on my butt. At 1st, it was like, ohhhhhh, just breathe. It then subsided. When I went back the next week, OMG, the difference was something you won’t believe, butt, ha ha, you will be happy. 

Now, I not only have that tool, I have the entire set!  Latissimus tight/sore? Between your shoulder blades (Traps) tight or knots? Thighs, Calf, even scars can benefit. I took the tool home to have it used on my traps. I’m in love …. and I’m a hard sell

It can help; reduce scars from surgery or sports / muscle – fascia stripping / tight neck to help with migraines & tension headaches / weight lifters, MMA, basically any sport / tight back / TFL ….. I could go on but you get the idea.

Come on in, trust me, you’ll be glad that you did